Traveller girls all over the world,

I can see you in your bedroom, the boarding passes and passport on your desk, the count down before the trip to the airport is started. You are standing in front of your empty luggage and I can read the panic in your eyes.

Do you ever think about how many time you spend doubting about what to put or not in your trolley?

The necessary stop-overs that you need to take into account while deciding how to fill your bag, have the power to generate a nervous breakdown.

In attempt of giving you a solution to your doubts, THE TROLLEY is a special traveller diary in which the passion for clothes and accessories will take a central role.

In the section “DESTINATION” you will be able to sort by city or country to see our personal opinion and advices on what to take with you.

Thanks to the section “WHERE TO BUY IN…” , a list of selected shops with reviews from the clients will be available, along with a view on Google Maps useful to find your bearings.

You will immerse in the typical fashion and culture of a country, taking a look the the section “FASHION HISTORY AND COSTUMES”.

“NIGHT OUT” is a link with a websites about night life, parties and events city by city.

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