Famed for excellent food, fashion and Florentine architecture, there’s so much to discover in Florence.

In this region if Italy the buildings are decorated with rich ochre and terracotta plaster work, given the whole city a beautiful, warm glow.


Florence is a working city despite all of it’s tourist attractions, so the general style of the place is a mix of visiting tourists, loaded down with cameras and go pros, versus the sleek, elegant attire of the local residents.

There’s a lot of walking to be done, especially on cobbled streets, so flat, comfy shoes are a must. In the evening again the outfit choices are varied, some people are sophisticatedly dressed up, after a night at the opera and others remain in casuals after a day of site seeing.

Florence isn’t a huge city, as a tourist you can get around most of the sites in a day or so.

Most of the sites you’ll want to see from Michelangelo’s David statue to Florence Catherdral and the Duomo, are all within walking distance of each other. It’s worth paying ten euros extra and getting a queue jump ticket for David, you can bypass hours of waiting in line.

After Dark

Florence at first seems to be a quiet city in the evening, but there are a few areas which are buzzing and vibrant once the sun goes down.

Head to Santo Spirito Square on the south bank of the river, after dark. Start the evening off with a classical music or opera recital, followed by a pasta or pizza supper, in one of the many quaint restaurants around the square.

This vibrant square comes alive after dark, outside the church is where the Florentine trendy crowd like to hang out. There’s buzzing street life in Santo Spirito and the surrounding streets.



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