Since Rolling Stones used to hide in Marrakech in the 60’s,

Yves Saint Laurent bought and refurbished the spectacular Jardin Marjorelle in the 80’s and, more recently, and Poppy Delevigne’s, Moroccan wedding guest list included a stellar cast of fashion royalty, we can obviously state that the fashion flag was firmly planted in Marrakech.

Dressing for the day and night in Marrakech couldn’t be more different. Morocco is an islamic country so when you’re out and about during the day, in the city or the souks, it’s respectful for female travellers to cover shoulders and legs.

In the evening if you’re hanging out with the Marrakech cool set, in trendy bars and clubs like Le Comptoir or Theatro, go glam. Ladies get the cocktail dresses out, make sure your hair and make up is perfectly groomed and accessorise your look with vertiginous heels.

Where to go shopping:

Souq Cherifia

If you’re looking to dip your toe in gently, head to the galleried Souq Cherifia. This mini-market, just off Rue Mouassine, is where younger, edgier Moroccan designers congregate. The workmanship here is also superior to much of what you’ll find in the main souks, take the beautiful hand embroidered linens and towels at La Maison Bahira and the embellished leather bags from Lalla.

33 Rue Majorelle

Marrakech’s most fashion-forward concept store is this large, light-filled emporium opposite the Jardin Majorelle. Here you’ll find the very best fashion, food, shoes, jewellery, accessories and nik-naks from over 60 top Moroccan designers and producers. Take homes include super cool panama hats by André Le Chapelier, suped-up babouche by Sugashoo  and stylish ceramics by Casablanca based b.boudoua. The shop also sells high quality Moroccan olive oil and wine.




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